The Mayan Post


By: Lucas Binder

War and conflict in the mayan empire is simple: Two sides run towards each other; about 500-1000 soldiers on each side, as they run they start shooting at each other with different mechanisms and eventually break form, attacking each other. The way to win the war is to capture or kill the opposing king or ruler. The main goal of mayan warfare is to gain slaves, and resources. The winning side will take the king of the other side along with the surviving soldiers to be their slaves. The slaves are used to provide the empire with workers. Captured slaves are forced to farm, forge weapons, and make food. This allows the other mayans to do things such as train for upcoming battles. As time went on the mayan empire grew through survival of the fittest. The thing that took down the mayans is the conquistadors. When the mayans first saw them, they thought they are gods, and showered them with gifts. The conquistadors killed the mayans from the inside with their knowledge of technology and guns. The mayans did not expect the shift in loyalty so they are mostly wiped out. Multiple cities have already been abandoned and many mayans are on the run from the evil conquistadors. Mayans have been spread out; forced to live without a king. Now the mayans are joining more modern civilizations and spreading out among the land. This was The Mayan Post Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day today!